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China (People's Republic of China) - Annex B

Chinese Meat Labelling Requirements

Below are the Chinese labelling and packaging requirements for fresh and frozen meat products shipments going to China. These new requirements are effective as of June 1st, 2011.

  1. Inner and outer packaging shall be made of nontoxic and non-hazardous materials, complete and free of any damage.
  2. Inner and outer packaging shall indicate the country of origin, name of product, registration name and number of manufacturer, and product batch number.
  3. Outer packaging shall indicate the specifications, place of origin (prefecture or province or municipality), place of destination (the People's Republic of China), date of manufacture, shelf life and storage temperature in the Chinese language and bear the official inspection and quarantine marks of the country of origin.
  4. Both inner and outer labelling and packaging shall be written in Chinese and English language.
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