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Information required to complete the sanitary certificate CFIA/ACIA 5898 for fish oil exported from Canada to Argentina


  • Please complete the certificate in capital letters
  • To complete the certificate, it is strongly recommended exporters work closely with their importers
  • Each page of the certificate should be signed and stamped

Top of the certificate

Country of dispatch

Part I – Details identifying the fishery products

Species (scientific name)

State or type of processing

Type of packaging

Lot identifier/date code

Number of packages

Net weight

Temperature required during storage and transport

Part II – Provenance of the fishery products

Address(es) and/or registration number(s) of production establishment(s) authorized for export by the CFIA

Name and address of consignor

Part III – Destination of the fishery products

The products are to be dispatched from (place of dispatch)

To (country and place of destination)

By the following means of transport

Name of consignee and address at place of destination

Part IV – Attestation

Bottom of certificate

Done at (place)

On (date)


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