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Regulatory values for fish oil exported to Argentina

The Inspection Ruling for Products, Byproducts and Derivatives of Animal Origin (Decree 4238/68), Chapter XXIII 23, Fishery Products

Tolerance in the tenor of different substances

Numeral 23.14.8 (Ex-SENASA Resolution No. 533, dated 5/10/1994)

The Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria (SENASA) shall determine the corresponding tolerance levels.

In foods (except for water suitable for consumption) the presence of the below-mentioned metals and metalloids (incidental or residual additives) is tolerated provided that is natural and within the limits fixed below:

Metal/Metalloid Limit type Value of limit (parts per million)
Aluminum Maximum 250
Antimony Maximum 20
Arsenic, liquid Maximum 0.1
Arsenic, solid Maximum 1
Barium Maximum 500
Boron Maximum 100
Cadmium Maximum 5
Zinc Maximum 100
Copper Maximum 10
Tin Maximum 500
Fluorine Maximum 1.5
Iron Maximum 500
Mercury Maximum 0.05
Nickel Maximum 150
Silver Maximum 1
Lead Liquid Maximum 2
Lead solid Maximum 20
Selenium, liquid Maximum 0.05
Selenium, solid Maximum 0.3
Organochlorine compounds including polychlorinated biphenyls
Organochlorine compounds including polychlorinated biphenyls Action level (parts per billion)
Aldrin + Dieldrin 10
alfa Chlordane + beta Chlordane + oxichlordane 10
alpha Endosulfan + beta Endosulfan + Endosulfan Sulphate 10
alpha Hexachlorocyclohexane 10
beta Hexachlorocyclohexane 10
DDT + Metabolites 10
Endrin 10
Heptacloro + Heptachloro epoxide 10
Hexachlorobenzene 10
Lindane (gama – Hexachlorocyclohexane) 10
Methoxychlorine 50
Mirex 25
PCB 101 75
PCB 118 75
PCB 138 75
PCB 153 75
PCB 180 75
PCB 28 75
PCB 52 75

Numeral 23.21.3 (Ex-SENASA Resolution No. 533, dated 5/10/1994)

Fish oil is a fishery by-product consisting in liquid glyceride obtained from the treatment of raw materials by means of steam cooking or any other approved method.

Numeral 23.21.4 (Ex-SENASA Resolution No. 533, dated 5/10/1994)

Fish oil shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Color: light yellow or amber-like. It could be slightly turbid.
  2. It shall not contain more than one (1) per cent of impurities.
  3. It shall not contain more than ten (10) per cent of humidity.
  4. It shall not contain more than three (3) grams per cent of acidity expressed in oleic acid.
  5. It shall not contain strange substances or be mixed with other animal or vegetable oils.
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