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Reporting plant pests – a shared responsibility

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reminds Canadians that they have a role to play in preventing the introduction and spread of invasive species in Canada, including the responsibility to report any known or suspected new plant pest. Plant pests can include: invasive plants, weed seeds, insects, pathogens and molluscs.

Under the Plant Protection Act, when a person becomes aware of the existence of a plant pest in an area where the pest has not been previously known to exist, the person must immediately notify the CFIA.

The CFIA is responsible for protecting plant health and the agricultural and forestry sectors by preventing the import, export and spread of pests in Canada. The CFIA has the authority to restrict the import, sale and movement of pests into and within Canada under the Plant Protection Act.

The List of Pests Regulated by Canada identifies known pests for which restrictions already apply; however, there are many other organisms which would present risks.

Learn more about how to identify plant pests on the CFIA website. If you need to report a pest, please contact your local CFIA office or report it directly on our website.

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