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Denomination: 'Dakosta'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'CFB1010'
Botanical Name: Triticum aestivum
Applicant/Holder: Université Laval
2320, rue des Bibliothèques, Local 1434
Québec, Quebec
G1V 0A6
Breeder: Université Laval, Québec, Quebec
Agent in Canada: La Coop fédérée
19235, avenue Saint-Louis
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
J2T 5J4
Tel: 450 799-2326 x ?
Application Date: 2014-08-07
Application Number: 14-8415
Grant of Rights Date: 2017-04-26
Certificate Number: 5443
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2037-04-26

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Voyageur'

Summary: The flag leaf of 'Dakosta' is shorter and narrower than that of 'AC Voyageur'. 'Dakosta' has an awned spike whereas 'AC Barrie' is awnletted. The hairiness of the convex surface of the apical rachis segment is dense for 'Dakosta' whereas it is of medium density for 'AC Voyageur' and very sparse for 'AC Barrie'. The lower glume beak of 'Dakosta' is straight to slightly curved whereas the beak is moderately curved for 'AC Barrie'. The lowest lemma has a slightly to moderately curved beak for 'Dakosta' whereas the beak is strongly curved to geniculate for 'AC Voyageur'.


PLANT: common red spring type, semi-erect growth habit at 5 to 9 tiller stage, medium frequency of plants with recurved flag leaves

SEEDLING: absent or very weak intensity of anthocyanin colouration of coleoptile, glabrous sheath and blade of lower leaves

FLAG LEAF: moderate anthocyanin colouration of auricles, medium to strong glaucosity of sheath, glabrous to very sparse pubescence of blade, glabrous sheath

CULM NECK: straight
STRAW: thin to medium thickness of pith in cross-section

SPIKE: strong glaucosity, tapering shape in profile, medium to dense, white at maturity, erect attitude, dense hairiness of convex surface of apical rachis segment
AWNS: light brown at maturity
LOWER GLUME: medium width, very sparse pubescence
LOWER GLUME SHOULDER: medium to broad, slightly sloping to straight shape
LOWER GLUME BEAK: short to medium length, straight to slightly curved
LOWEST LEMMA: slightly to moderately curved beak

KERNEL: hard red type, dark red colour, medium size, medium length and width, oval shape, rounded to angular cheek shape, medium length of brush hairs, wide and shallow crease
GERM: medium size, broad elliptical shape

Origin & Breeding History: 'Dakosta' (experimental designations 'CFB1010' and 'B86H34') was derived from an initial cross between 'AC Voyageur' and 'Akino' made in 1996 at Laval University in Quebec City, Quebec. It was developed using a double haploid technique by anther culture. The doubled haploid generation was obtained from the F1 in 1997 and a first selection was made in field rows at Laval University in Sainte-Foy, Quebec. The program was shelved or postponed for several years. In 2009 and 2010, 'Dakosta' was evaluated again in Saint-Hyacinthe based on selection criteria such as yield, growth habit, the specific weight and quality as well as disease resistance. From 2011 to 2013, the variety was tested in trials for the Réseau de Grandes Culture de Québec and was recommended for registration in February 2014.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trials for 'Dakosta' were conducted at the Coop fédérée Research Farm in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec during the summers of 2014 and 2015. There were 3 replicates arranged in a RCB design. The size of the plots was 5 square metres and consisted of 4 rows with a row length of 5 metres and a row spacing of 33.02 cm. The plots contained a minimum of 3000 plants per variety. Measured characteristics were based on 60 and 21 measurements per variety in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Mean differences were significant at the 5% probability level based on LSD values.

Comparison tables for 'Dakosta' with reference varieties 'AC Barrie' and 'AC Voyageur'

Flag leaf length (cm)

  'Dakosta' 'AC Barrie' 'AC Voyageur'
mean (2014) 18.70 20.80 21.45
std. deviation (2014) 2.05 2.77 2.89
mean (2015) 18.80 17.10 20.80
std. deviation (2015) 2.98 2.59 2.62

Flag leaf width (cm)

  'Dakosta' 'AC Barrie' 'AC Voyageur'
mean (2014) 1.62 1.66 1.69
std. deviation (2014) 0.16 0.15 0.16
mean (2015) 1.53 1.57 1.74
std. deviation (2015) 0.15 0.70 0.19

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Wheat: 'Dakosta' (right) with reference varieties 'AC Voyageur' (left) and 'AC Barrie' (centre)

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