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Denomination: 'Poulcot007'
Trade name: Heather Cottage
Botanical Name: Rosa
Applicant/Holder: Poulsen Roser A/S
Kratbjerg 332
Breeder: Mogens N. Olesen, Poulsen Roser A/S, Fredensborg, Denmark
Agent in Canada: Miller Thomson Pouliot LLP
1000 De La Gauchetière Street West, Suite 3700
Montréal, Quebec
H3B 4W5
Tel: 514-871-5449
Application Date: 2006-03-07
Application Number: 06-5264
Grant of Rights Date: 2009-09-03
Certificate Number: 3597
Date rights surrendered: 2013-08-19

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Noatraum' (Flower Carpet Pink) and 'MEIneble' (Red Meidiland)

Summary: 'Poulcot007' has a shorter plant after the second flush than 'MEIneble' but is slightly taller than 'Noatraum'. The young shoot of 'Poulcot007' has weaker anthocyanin colouration than the reference varieties. 'Poulcot007' has a smaller leaf than the reference varieties. The upper side of the leaf of 'Poulcot007' has weaker glossiness than the reference varieties. 'Poulcot007' has fewer flower petals than the reference varieties. The flower diameter of 'Poulcot007' is slightly smaller than 'Noatraum' but is slightly larger than 'MEIneble'. 'Poulcot007' has a looser flower petal density than 'MEIneble'. The flower petal of 'Poulcot007' is elliptic in shape while it is obovate in the reference varieties. 'Poulcot007' has stronger reflexing of the flower petal margin than 'MEIneble'. The flower colour of 'Poulcot007' is red while it is purple red in 'Noatraum'.


PLANT: rosa hybrid, shrub type, semi-upright growth habit
YOUNG SHOOT ANTHOCYANIN: weak to medium intensity
PRICKLES/THORNS: reddish, few on the stem
LEAF: medium green on upper side, very weak to weak glossiness on upper side, anthocyanin colouration present, absent to very weak undulation of margin
TERMINAL LEAFLET: ovate shape, rounded base, acuminate apex

FLOWERING SHOOT: few to medium number of flowering laterals, medium number of flowers per lateral
FLOWER BUD: medium ovate shape in longitudinal section
SEPAL: weak extensions
FLOWER: semi-double type, loose petal density, irregularly rounded when viewed from above, flat on upper part when viewed from the side, flattened convex on lower part when viewed from the side, red American Rose Society colour group, absent to very weak fragrance
PETAL: elliptic shape, two colours, red with white at the base on inner side, dark pink red on outer side, weak reflexing of margin, very weak to weak undulation of margin
BASAL PETAL SPOT: small, light yellow on inner side
OUTER STAMEN: medium yellow filament

Origin & Breeding History: 'Poulcot007' originated from the controlled crossing in the summer of 1995 of two unnamed seedlings in Fredensborg, Denmark. One seedling resulting from this cross was selected in the spring of 1996 based on compact low growing habit, flower colour, development of colourful rose hips, suitability for garden and landscape use and improved resistance to diseases.

Tests & Trials: Field trials were conducted during the summer of 2008 in St. Thomas, Ontario. There were 8 plants of each variety planted in May 2007 in rows with plants spaced 2 feet apart and rows spaced 3 feet apart. All colour measurements were made using the Royal Horticultural Society Colour Chart 2001.

Comparison tables for 'Poulcot007' with reference varieties 'Noatraum' and 'MEIneble'

Plant height after 2nd flush (cm)

  'Poulcot007' 'Noatraum' 'MEIneble'
mean 27.9 19.1 115.6
std. deviation 5.60 5.42 4.72

Leaf length (cm)

  'Poulcot007' 'Noatraum' 'MEIneble'
mean 7.3 8.3 9.3
std. deviation 0.89 0.79 0.94

Leaf width (cm)

  'Poulcot007' 'Noatraum' 'MEIneble'
mean 3.8 4.9 6.0
std. deviation 0.31 0.44 0.35

Flower diameter (cm)

  'Poulcot007' 'Noatraum' 'MEIneble'
mean 4.9 5.9 3.7
std. deviation 0.42 0.28 0.38

Petal colour (RHS)

  'Poulcot007' 'Noatraum' 'MEIneble'
inner side 45B more pink than N57A 46B
outer side 53C more pink than N57A darker than 53C

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Rose: 'Poulcot007' (left) with reference varieties 'Noatraum' (centre) and 'MEIneble' (right)

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