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Denomination: 'NOA97400A'
Trade name: Flower Carpet Amber
Botanical Name: Rosa
Applicant/Holder: Noack Rosen
Im Fenne 54
Breeder: Reinhard Noack, Noack Rosen, Gütersloh, Germany
Agent in Canada: Pan American Nursery Products Inc.
5151-152nd Street
Surrey, British Columbia
V3Z 1G9
Tel: 604-576-8641
Application Date: 2005-03-30
Application Number: 05-4669
Grant of Rights Date: 2006-09-11
Certificate Number: 2621
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2024-09-11

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Harroony' (Amber Queen), 'NOAelsie' (Lady Elsie May) and 'Noatraum' (Flower Carpet Pink)

Summary: The growth habit for 'NOA97400A' is trailing while it is upright to bushy for 'Harroony' and 'NOAelsie'. The entire leaf of 'NOA97400A' is smaller than 'Harroony' but larger than 'Noatraum'. The number of flowers per flowering shoot for 'NOA97400A' is greater than for 'NOAelsie'. 'NOA97400A' has a yellow-orange coloured flower bud while it is orange for 'Harroony', dark pink-red for 'NOAelsie' and purple-red for 'Noatraum'. 'NOA97400A' has a semi-double flower type while 'Harroony' has a double. The flower petals of 'NOA97400A' are larger than 'Noatraum'. 'NOA97400A' has a yellow-orange flower colour while 'NOAelsie' has a red-pink flower colour and 'Noatraum' has a purple-red flower colour. The colour of the filament of the outer stamen for 'NOA97400A' is yellow while it is pink for 'NOAelsie'. 'NOA97400A' has a yellow coloured style while for 'Harroony' it is yellow-green and for 'NOAelsie' it is red.


'NOA97400A' is a ground cover rose variety which has a trailing growth habit. The stem has a sparse number of short and long prickles which are concave in shape and red-brown in colour. The leaves are dark green in colour and have very strong glossiness on the upper side. There are five to seven leaflets. The terminal leaflet has a dentate margin and a leathery texture. The leaflet base is obtuse.

'NOA97400A' flowers almost continuously for more than ten weeks. There are a medium number of flowers per flowering shoot and the flower pedicel has many hairs or prickles. The flower bud is pointed and sepal extensions are weak. The flower is round when viewed from above and flat on the upper and lower parts when viewed from the side. The flower corolla is semi-double. 'NOA97400A' has apricot coloured flowers. The petals have a large sized yellow spot at the base of the inner and outer side. The petal margin has weak reflexing and undulation. The outer stamen has a yellow filament. The style is long, yellow and has no hairs on the upper half. The stigma is positioned below the anthers. The receptacle is small, pear shaped and has no prickles. The flower has a weak fragrance. 'NOA97400A' is resistant to mildew, black spot and rust.

Origin & Breeding History: 'NOA97400A' originated from a cross made in 2000 in Gutersloh, Germany between the female parent 'Noatraum' and an unnamed male parent. The selection criteria for 'NOA97400A' were disease resistance, dark foliage, continuous flowering, flower colour, and good propagation ability.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'NOA97400A' were conducted in 2005 at Pan American Nursery Products Inc., Surrey, British Columbia. Five plants of each variety were grown in containers outdoors.

Comparison tables for 'NOA97400A' with reference varieties 'Harroony', 'NOAelsie' and 'Noatraum'

Leaf length (mm)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
mean 104.7 132.5 97.4 76.3
std. deviation 15.25 13.66 17.7 3.97

Leaf width (mm)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
mean 69.6 99.0 67.3 44.8
std. deviation 8.33 14.33 10.23 1.87

Colour of outer side of flower (RHS)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
center 16C-16D 16B 52B 66A
margin 16C-16D 16B 52B 66A

Colour of inner side of flower (RHS)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
center 17A 13B 52B 66A
margin 17A 13B 52B 66A

Petal length (mm)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
mean 31.0 36.5 31.1 23.2
std. deviation 2.21 1.78 2.85 1.03

Petal width (mm)

  'NOA97400A' 'Harroony' 'NOAelsie' 'Noatraum'
mean 29.1 32.5 31.3 22.0
std. deviation 2.64 5.44 3.27 1.49
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