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Denomination: 'Auswinter'
Trade name: Crown Princess Margareta
Botanical Name: Rosa
Applicant/Holder: David Austin Roses Limited
Bowling Green Lane
United Kingdom
Breeder: David Austin, David Austin Roses Limited, Albrighton, United Kingdom
Agent in Canada: BioFlora Inc.
38723 Fingal Line
R.R. #1
St. Thomas, Ontario
N5P 3S5
Tel: 519-317-7511
Application Date: 2000-01-04
Application Number: 00-2108
Grant of Rights Date: 2001-10-17
Certificate Number: 1051
Date rights revoked: 2018-10-17

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Auschar'

Summary: 'Auswinter' has a more arching growth habit than 'Auschar'. 'Auswinter' has very strong anthocyanin in the young shoot while 'Auschar' has medium anthocyanin. 'Auswinter' differs from 'Auschar' in flower colour. The flower colour of 'Auswinter' is pale orange (apricot classification group) while the flowers of 'Auschar' are pale yellow.


'Auswinter' is a large English shrub rose. The growth habit is arching. The young shoot has very strong anthocyanin which is purple in colour. Thorns and prickles are present on the stem and are deep concave in shape. There is a sparse number of short prickles and an average number of long prickles on the stem. Prickles and thorns are red in colour. 'Auswinter' has dark green leaves which have medium glossiness. There are five leaflets. The terminal leaflet has a serrate margin, a leathery texture and obtuse shaped base.

'Auswinter' flowers mid-season. There are two flowering periods with more than ten weeks duration. There is a medium number of flowers per shoot. The pedicel has a medium number of prickles. The flower bud is pointed just before opening and sepal extensions are medium. The fully opened flower is round when viewed from above. When viewed from the side the flower is flat on the upper part and flattened convex on the lower part. The flower centre is a quartered. 'Auswinter' has a very double flower type. The flower colour is in the apricot blend classification group. 'Auswinter' has a medium sized petal spot at the base of the outer and inner side. Reflexing and undulation of the petal margin is weak. 'Auswinter' has a yellow filament. The style is short in length, yellow in colour and medium in hairiness. The stigma is positioned above the anthers. The receptacle is medium in size, pitcher shaped and has no prickles. The flower has an old rose/fruity fragrance which is medium in intensity.

Origin & Breeding History: 'Auswinter' originated from a cross between two English rose varieties which took place at David Austin Roses, Albrighton, United Kingdom in 1990. The variety was selected for its apricot-orange colouration, old-fashioned flower shape, good fragrance and disease resistance.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Auswinter' were conducted at Valderose Garden, Pain Court, Ontario. The trials consisted of 10 plants per variety planted outdoors. Measured characteristics were based on ten measurements.

Comparison tables for 'Auswinter' with reference variety 'Auschar'

Leaf length (mm)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
mean 200 163
std. deviation 9.0 20.0

Colour of flower bud (one-quarter open) (RHS)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
upper surface 28C 18D
lower surface 26A 19D

Sepal length (mm)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
mean 24.6 30.7
std. deviation 2.3 2.5

Flower diameter (mm)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
mean 80.0 95.0
std. deviation 5.0 9.0

Flower colour (RHS)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
overall colour 24B 8B

Colour of outer side of petal (RHS)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
margin 21D 11D
middle zone 20B 11B
base 13A 9A

Colour of inner side of petal (RHS)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
margin 22C 8D
middle zone 20B 8D
base 13A 9B

Petal length (mm)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
mean 37.3 48.7
std. deviation 2.2 3.6

Petal width (mm)

  'Auswinter' 'Auschar'
mean 30.6 34.6
std. deviation 4.4 3.9
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