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Denomination: 'V75024'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'Venture'
Trade name: Venture
Botanical Name: Prunus persica
Applicant/Holder: University of Guelph
Research Innovation Office
Building #92, 50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 2W1
Breeder: Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Simcoe, Ontario
Application Date: 2001-01-29
Application Number: 01-2531
Grant of Rights Date: 2005-06-24
Certificate Number: 2151
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2023-06-24

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'Catherina', 'Babygold 5' and 'Babygold 7'

Summary: 'V75024' has a smaller leaf blade than 'Babygold 5' and 'Babygold 7'. 'V75024' has a purple-red calyx while 'Catherina' has a greenish yellow calyx. 'V75024' has smaller petals which are a darker pink colour than the petals of 'Catherina'. 'V75024' matures later than 'Catherina' and 'Babygold 5' and earlier than 'Babygold 7'. 'V75024' has round fruit while 'Babygold 7' has ovate shaped fruit. The fruit skin of 'V75024' has cream-yellow ground colour while it is orange-yellow for 'Catherina', greenish yellow for 'Babygold 5' and cream-green for 'Babygold 7'. 'V75024' has a higher proportion of anthocyanin on the skin and denser pubescence than the reference varieties.


'V75024' is a non spur type peach variety with medium vigour and a semi-erect to horizontal growth habit. The bark is grey is colour. The leaf blade is medium in size and flat in profile. The leaf blade tip is recurved downward. The angle at the leaf base is acute and the angle at the tip is obtuse. The leaf has no anthocyanin colouration. The leaf margin is moderately serrated. The petiole is medium to long in length and has a moderate number of nectaries present. The nectaries are kidney shaped and there are normally two.

The flowering shoot has medium anthocyanin colouration and medium to dense flower buds which are in groups of two or more. 'V75024' flowers mid to late season. The calyx is purple-red in colour and the flowers are campanulate in shape. There are five petals which are elongate in shape, small in size and medium pink in colour. There is moderate petal striping. The stamens are shorter in length compared with the petals and there is one pistil. The stigma is positioned above the anthers. The ovary has pubescence present. Flowering duration is short for 'V75024'.

The fruit of 'V75024' matures late and the picking season is short. The tendency to natural falling of fruit is weak to medium. The fruit is large in size and rounded in shape. The fruit is symmetric along the suture and the tip is dimpled. The suture is very low in prominence. The petiole cavity is shallow to medium in depth and narrow to medium in width. The ground colour of the skin is cream-yellow and anthocyanin colouration of the skin, which covers approximately 75% of the surface, is dark red in colour. The anthocyanin pattern is punctuated. Pubesence on the fruit is medium to dense. The skin is medium in thickness and has strong to very strong adherence to the flesh. the flesh is firm and yellow to orange yellow in colour with no anthocyanin colouration except around the stone. The flesh is not stringy and has a non-melting texture. The flesh has intermediate acidity and juiciness. The stone is medium in size, ovoid in shape and red in colour. 'V75024' has an absent or very low percentage of split or shattered stones. The stone has strong adherence to the flesh.

Origin & Breeding History: 'V75024' was selected and tested at the Horticultural Research Institute of Ontario, Vineland, Ontario. It originated from a selection from the cross of 'Suncling' and 'New Jersey Cling 81' made in 1975.

Tests & Trials: 'V75024' was tested at Vineland Station, Ontario in 2002 and 2003. The trials consisted of four trees per variety, spaced 3.6 metres apart within the rows and with 6 metres between the rows. Trees were grown on 'Bailey' rootstocks. Measured characteristics were based on ten measurement.

Comparison tables for 'V75024' with reference varieties 'Catherina', 'Babygold 5' and 'Babygold 7'

Leaf blade length (mm)

  'V75024' 'Catherina' 'Babygold 5' 'Babygold 7'
mean 144.4 143.7 151.5 156.8
std. deviation 10.44 5.44 10.35 9.10

Leaf blade width (mm)

  'V75024' 'Catherina' 'Babygold 5' 'Babygold 7'
mean 37.8 36.5 46.0 43.0
std. deviation 3.97 2.45 2.87 2.81

Petal colour (RHS)

  'V75024' 'Catherina' 'Babygold 5' 'Babygold 7'
colour 56C 49D 55C 56D
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