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MUNN 001


Denomination: 'MUNN 001'
Botanical Name: Acer shirasawanum
Applicant/Holder: Munn, Carl
9445 72nd Avenue North East
Brooks, Oregon
United States of America
Breeder: Carl A. Munn, Munn, Carl, Brooks, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Cassan Maclean
336 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0M6
Tel: 613-238-6404 ext. 223
Application Date: 2004-07-19
Application Number: 04-4335
Grant of Rights Date: 2010-06-14
Certificate Number: 3883
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2028-06-14

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Aureum'

Summary: 'MUNN 001' has a faster rate of growth than 'Aureum'. 'MUNN 001' has a larger leaf size and deeper lobe sinus than 'Aureum'. 'MUNN 001' has red-purple leaf colour when the leaf is first unfolding while 'Aureum' has yellow leaf colour. At maturity the leaf of 'MUNN 001' is yellow green on the upper side while the leaf of 'Aureum' is yellow. 'MUNN 001' is less sun sensitive and easier to propagate than 'Aureum'.


PLANT: tree, rounded growth habit, medium branching density, fast rate of growth
SHOOT: medium thickness, reddish brown, absent or very sparse pubescence, weak glaucosity, round in cross section, smooth bark texture, absent or very few lenticels, lenticels small in size
VEGETATIVE BUD: small, green, ovoid, pointed apex, pubescent, scales not overlapping

LEAF: simple, orbicular, cordate base, attenuate apex, doubly serrate margin, weak undulation, 7-11 lobes present, lobes ovate and attenuate in shape, medium depth of lobe sinus, margin of leaf sinus toothed, sparse white pubescence on upper and lower surface of newly unfolding leaves, pubescence over entire surface, absent or very weak glaucosity on lower surface, red purple when first unfolding, upper side yellow green at maturity, lower side grey-brown with veins of yellow green in spring, changing to yellow green at maturity, yellow-orange before leaf drop
PETIOLE: absent or very sparse pubescence, strong anthocyanin colouration
STIPULES: absent

FLOWER: panicle, small, pink to red-purple, early flowering

SAMARA: medium length, medium width of wing, medium to long pedicel, less than 60 degree angle between wings, medium brown at maturity, absent or very sparse pubescence, mature mid to late season, slightly persistent on plant, nutlet with absent to very sparse pubescence

Origin & Breeding History: 'MUNN 001' originated from a spontaneous mutation of Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum', discovered at a nursery in Brooks, Oregon, USA in 1988.

Tests & Trials: 'MUNN 001' was tested at Cannor Nurseries in Chilliwack, British Columbia in 2006 to 2008. The trials consisted of 18 one year old grafted plants grown in pots. Plants of the candidate variety were also grown in the field with the plants spaced 60 cm apart.

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MUNN 001
Maple: 'MUNN 001'

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MUNN 001
Maple: Reference variety 'Aureum'

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