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Ginger, Chinese

Denomination: 'MCGHIEJCG'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'Jamaican Cinnamon Ginger'
Botanical Name: Alpinia officinarum
Applicant/Holder: Zon International Holdings US, Inc.
c/o Paracorp Incorporated, 318 North Carson Street
Carson City, Nevada
United States of America
Breeder: Errol Anthony McGhie, Zon International Holdings US, Inc., Carson City, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Cassan Maclean
190 O'Connor St., Suite 710
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 2R3
Tel: 613-238-6404 ext. 240
Application Date: 2015-04-13
Provisional Protection:: 2015-04-13
Application Number: 15-8600
Grant of Rights Date: 2018-05-31
Certificate Number: 5747
Exemption from compulsory licensing: Yes
Expiry date for exemption from compulsory licensing: 2020-05-31
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2018-05-31

Variety Description


PLANT: herbaceous type, strong fragrance

STEM: semi-erect to erect attitude, medium green, elliptic in cross-section

LEAF BLADE: brown green (somewhat darker than RHS 147A) on upper side, brown green (RHS 137B) on lower side, midvein is lighter than main colour on upper side of leaf, weakly convex in cross-section, weakly recurved in longitudinal cross-section, obtuse apex
LEAF MARGIN: undulated, entire

Origin & Breeding History: 'MCGHIEJCG' originated as a discovery of a mutant attached to a stool of lesser galangal, Alpinia officanarum plant rhizome, in a cultivated field in the town of Bog Walk in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica West Indies in May 2011. It was asexually reproduced by stem cuttings at the nursery in Bog Walk and since then, three generations of new plants were reproduced. The selection criteria include consistent, stable, healthy and vigorous growth characteristics as well as disease and pest resistance.

Tests & Trials: The detailed description of 'MCGHIEJCG' is based on the UPOV report of Technical Examination, application number 2014/2102, purchased from the Community Plant Variety Office in Angers, France. The trials were conducted at the Variety Center at the Naktuinbouw in Roelofarendsveen, Netherlands in 2016.

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Ginger, Chinese: 'MCGHIEJCG'

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Ginger, Chinese: 'MCGHIEJCG'

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Ginger, Chinese: 'MCGHIEJCG'

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