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WestLin 61


Denomination: 'WestLin 61'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'WestLin 75'
Botanical Name: Linum usitatissimum
Applicant/Holder: Nutrien Ag Solutions (Canada) Inc.
13131 Lake Fraser Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 7E8
Breeder: Michelle Beaith, Crop Production Services (Canada) Inc., Saskatoon,
Application Date: 2015-05-27
Provisional Protection:: 2015-05-27
Application Number: 15-8651
Date abandoned: 2018-02-05

Variety Description

Varieties used for comparison: 'CDC Sorrel', 'Flanders', 'NorLin' and 'Prairie Thunder'

Summary: At the bud stage, the sepal dotting of 'WestLin 61' is weak to medium whereas that of 'CDC Sorrel' and 'NorLin' is absent or very weak. The plants of 'WestLin 61' flower earlier than those of 'CDC Sorrel'. The distal end of the filament and the style of 'WestLin 61' are white whereas those of 'CDC Flanders' are blue. The ciliation of the false septa is absent for 'WestLin 61' and present for 'CDC Sorrel' and 'NorLin'. The boll of 'WestLin 61' is narrower than that of 'NorLin' and 'Prairie Thunder'. The stem from the cotyledon scar to the first branch and the top boll is shorter for 'WestLin 61' than for 'CDC Sorrel'. At maturity, the seed of 'WestLin 61' is medium to dark red brown whereas is it light brown for 'Flanders'. The seed weight of a 1000 seeds of 'WestLin 61' is less than that of 'CDC Sorrel', 'NorLin' and 'Prairie Thunder' whereas it is greater than that of 'Flanders'.


FLOWER: weak to medium sepal dotting at bud stage, violet crown just before opening, flattened disk shape, medium size corolla, violet when fully developed, overlapping petal arrangement
STAMEN: white at distal end of filament, white at basal end of filament, blue anthers
PISTIL: white at distal end of style, blue at basal end of style

BOLL: medium size, no ciliation of false septa, semi-dehiscent, matures early to mid-season
SEED: oilseed type, medium to dark red brown, medium size

AGRONOMY: good resistance to lodging

Origin & Breeding History: 'WestLin 61' (experimental designations 08-2-F7-193, FP2454) originated from the cross between 'Prairie Grande' and '04-198-F8-262' conducted in 2008 in Vegreville, Alberta. The line was advanced using the pedigree method with single plant selections from nursery rows in Vegreville in the F2 and F3 generations. Early selections were based on performance against the parents, lodging resistance, oil quality, early maturity, stem drydown, determinancy and disease resistance. The F5 generation was grown in full size plots at a single location and selected for early maturity, oil content, seed size, fatty acid content, seedling vigour, stem drydown, determinancy, lodging and disease resistance. In 2012, a single plant selection, designated 08-2-F6-193, was evaluated in advanced replicated yield trials at seven locations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. In 2013 and 2014, 08-2-F7-193 was entered into the Flax Cooperative test as FP2454.

Tests & Trials: The comparative trials of 'WestLin 61' were conducted during the summers of 2014 and 2015 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan and consisted of 4 replications of each variety except 'Prairie Thunder' (3 replications in 2015) distributed in a RCB design. There were 6 rows per plot with a row length of 5 metres and a row spacing of 25 centimetres. Plots were seeded at a rate of 800 plants per square metre. Measured characteristics were based on 60 bolls, 60 stems and 12 seed weights per 1000 seeds per variety each year. Mean differences were significant at the 5% probability level based on a paired Student's t-test.

Comparison tables for 'WestLin 61' with reference varieties 'CDC Sorrel', 'Flanders', 'NorLin' and 'Prairie Thunder'

Days to flowering

  'WestLin 61' 'CDC Sorrel' 'Flanders' 'NorLin' 'Prairie Thunder'
2014 mean 53 55 56 55 55
2015 mean 53 57 53 53 52

Boll width (mm)

  'WestLin 61' 'CDC Sorrel' 'Flanders' 'NorLin' 'Prairie Thunder'
2014 mean 6.8 7.5 6.9 7.1 7.3
2014 std. deviation 0.49 0.50 0.39 0.50 0.50
2015 mean 6.9 7.0 6.5 7.1 7.1
std. deviation 0.54 0.47 0.58 0.56 0.41

Stem length from cotyledon scar to first branch (cm)

  'WestLin 61' 'CDC Sorrel' 'Flanders' 'NorLin' 'Prairie Thunder'
2014 mean 30.9 47.2 41.1 39.9 38.6
2014 std. deviation 4.52 5.70 4.54 4.54 5.44
2015 mean 33.3 35.3 30.9 34.5 26.2
2015 std. deviation 4.14 5.30 3.77 3.90 3.62

Stem length from cotyledon scar to top boll (cm)

  'WestLin 61' 'CDC Sorrel' 'Flanders' 'NorLin' 'Prairie Thunder'
2014 mean 50.2 65.4 57.8 57.9 53.5
2014 std. deviation 3.80 4.75 4.09 4.36 3.22
2015 mean 52.4 60.3 48.6 52.7 45.0
2015 std. deviation 2.95 3.06 3.10 3.79 3.18

Seed weight per 1000 seeds at maturity (gram)

  'WestLin 61' 'CDC Sorrel' 'Flanders' 'NorLin' 'Prairie Thunder'
2014 mean 5.4 6.2 5.1 5.6 5.9
2014 std. deviation 0.02 0.16 0.08 0.14 0.13
2015 mean 6.3 7.1 5.9 6.9 7.1
2015 std. deviation 0.08 0.15 0.09 0.54 0.22

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WestLin 61
Flax: 'WestLin 61' (centre) with reference varieties 'CDC Sorrel' (left) and 'Flanders' (right)

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WestLin 61
Flax: 'WestLin 61' (centre) with reference varieties 'NorLin' (left) and 'Prairie Thunder' (right)

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WestLin 61
Flax: 'WestLin 61' (centre) with reference varieties 'CDC Sorrel' (left) and 'Prairie Thunder' (right)

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