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Denomination: 'Taurus'
Botanical Name: Linum usitatissimum
Applicant/Holder: Limagrain Nederland B.V.
P.O. 1
NL-4410 AA
Breeder: Innoseeds B.V., Vlijmen, Netherlands
Agent in Canada: FP Genetics Inc.
426 McDonald Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 6E1
Tel: 306-791-1045
Application Date: 1999-04-19
Application Number: 99-1633
Grant of Rights Date: 2000-08-28
Certificate Number: 0805
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2018-08-28

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Flanders'

Summary: 'Taurus' is a flax variety which flowers earlier and matures earlier than the reference variety 'Flanders'. The flowers of 'Taurus' are smaller and a deeper blue colour than 'Flanders'. Ciliation of the false septa is present in the capsules of 'Taurus' but absent in 'Flanders'. The seed of 'Taurus' is larger and heavier than the seed of 'Flanders'.


'Taurus' is a flax variety which has no anthocyanin colouration in the hypocotyls of the seedlings. The flowers are a flattened disk shape and medium in size. There is no longitudinal folding of the petals or sepal dotting. The petal colour is medium blue and the filament is very pale blue at the top and white at the base. The anther is blue and the pollen is a yellow-grey. 'Taurus' has a very pale blue stigma and the style is pale blue to white at the top and deeper blue at the base. 'Taurus' matures mid-season and produces medium sized capsules. The capsule is semi-dehiscent and there is ciliation of the false septa. Seeds of 'Taurus' are brown and medium sized. The variety has good resistance to shattering, lodging and capsule loss. 'Taurus' produces a moderate amount of basal branching.

Origin & Breeding History: 'Taurus' was derived from the cross 'McGregor' x 'Norlin' which was made in 1990 at the Cebeco Zaden breeding station in Lelystad, The Netherlands. In 1992 a single plant was selected, followed by line selection and replicated yield trials. The selection criteria were yield, oil content, resistance to fusarium and resistance to lodging.

Tests & Trials: Tests and trials for 'Taurus' were conducted at Namao, Alberta during 1999. The varieties were tested in a 4 replicate randomized complete block design. Each plot consisted of 4 rows, spaced at 28 cm, that were seeded to 6 metres and trimmed to 4 metres. Measured characteristics were based on 10 measurements. Results were supported by the official PBR technical examination report purchased from the United Kingdom.

Comparison tables for 'Taurus' with reference variety 'Flanders'

Plant height (cm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 57.95 60.7
standard deviation 2.9 2.38

Length of main axis of plant (cm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 25.1 26.8
standard deviation 7.06 6.62

Days to first bloom

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
number of days 58 63

Length of petal (mm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 13.4 14.8
standard deviation 0.08 0.16

Width of petal (mm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 10.2 11.6
standard deviation 0.15 0.10

Length of seed (mm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 4.85 4.0
standard deviation 0.34 0.67

Width of seed (mm)

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
mean 2.32 2.1
standard deviation 0.41 0.32

Seed weight

  'Taurus' 'Flanders'
grams/1000 seeds 6.8 6.5
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