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Denomination: 'Stander'
Botanical Name: Hordeum vulgare
Applicant/Holder: Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station
University of Minnesota
220 Coffey Hall , 1420 Eckles Avenue
St. Paul, Minnesota
MN 55108
United States of America
Breeder: Donald Rasmusson, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, United States of America
Agent in Canada: Viterra Inc.
201- 407 Downey Road
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7N 4L8
Tel: 306-668-6657
Application Date: 1994-07-04(priority claimed)
Application Number: 94-391
Protective direction granted: 1994-07-04
Protective direction withdrawn: 1996-03-22
Grant of Rights Date: 1997-01-06
Certificate Number: 0290
Date rights revoked: 2010-05-25
Date modified: