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AC Metcalfe


Denomination: 'AC Metcalfe'
Previously Proposed Denomination: 'TR232'
Botanical Name: Hordeum vulgare
Applicant/Holder: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Brandon
Brandon Research Centre, 18th St. & Grand Valley R
P.O. Box 1000A, R.R. #3
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 5Y3
Breeder: Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Brandon, Manitoba
Agent in Canada: SeCan Association
400-300 Terry Fox Drive
Kanata, Ontario
K2K 0E3
Tel: 613-592-8600 ext.223
Application Date: 1994-03-08
Application Number: 94-303
Grant of Rights Date: 1997-11-07
Certificate Number: 0399
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2015-11-07
Date modified: