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Little Vision in Pink


Denomination: 'Little Vision in Pink'
Botanical Name: Astilbe
Applicant/Holder: van Veen, Wilhelmus Franciscus
Veenweg 12
2432 CA
Breeder: Wilhelmus Franciscus van Veen, Noorden, Netherlands
Agent in Canada: Variety Rights Management
475 County Road 18
R.R. #2
Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0
Tel: 613-258-9015
Application Date: 2010-01-29
Application Number: 10-6813
Grant of Rights Date: 2013-09-05
Certificate Number: 4611
Grant of Rights Termination Date: 2031-09-05

Variety Description

Variety used for comparison: 'Visions'

Summary: The plant of 'Little Vision in Pink' is taller and wider than the plant of 'Visions'. The upper side of the leaf of 'Little Vision in Pink' is dark green while the leaf of 'Visions' is light to medium green. The panicle of 'Little Vision in Pink' is longer and wider than the panicle of 'Visions'. The floret of 'Little Vision in Pink' is purple red to blue pink fading to violet while the floret of 'Visions' is blue pink fading to violet.


PLANT: upright bushy growth habit, sparse branching

LEAF: alternate and rosette arrangement, biternate, medium to many leaflets, ovate shape, apex acute, base attenuate, margin serrate
LEAF BLADE - UPPER SIDE: sparse pubescence, absent or very weak glaucosity, dark green, no variegation
LEAF BLADE - LOWER SIDE: sparse to medium pubescence, medium to dark green
PETIOLE: weak anthocyanin colouration

PEDUNCLE: absent or very weak anthocyanin colouration, absent or very sparse pubescence

FLOWER: one short to medium length flowering period, mid-season flowering
INFLORESCENCE: panicle, terminal position, erect attitude
FLORET: unopened bud brown purple (RHS 184D), floret purple red (RHS 59D) to blue pink (RHS 68B) fading to violet (RHS 75C).

Origin & Breeding History: The variety 'Little Vision in Pink' originated from a hybridization made in Noorden, The Netherlands in 2004, between an un-named proprietary seedling and the variety 'Vision in Pink'. The new variety was selected in the summer of 2006 based on criteria for lower growing plants, improved flower colour and good foliage colour.

Tests & Trials: Trials for 'Little Vision in Pink' were conducted at Variety Rights Management in Oxford Station, Ontario during the summer of 2012. Seventeen plants of the candidate variety and fifteen plants of the reference variety were grown in 19.5 cm pots in an outdoor trial. Plants were spaced approximately 60 cm apart. Colour determinations were made using the 2001 Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Colour Chart.

Comparison tables for 'Little Vision in Pink' with reference variety 'Visions'

Plant height (cm)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
mean 33.85 21.67
std. deviation 2.89 3.74

Plant width (cm)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
mean 36.00 30.11
std. deviation 5.89 7.46

Length of panicle (cm)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
mean 24.50 9.29
std. deviation 1.32 0.91

Width of panicle (cm)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
mean 8.35 4.39
std. deviation 0.95 0.42

Colour of buds (RHS)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
unopened 184D 61C

Colour of floret (RHS)

  'Little Vision in Pink' 'Visions'
inner side 59D to 68B, fading to 75C 63B to N66C, fading to 75B

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Little Vision in Pink
Astilbe: 'Little Vision in Pink' (left) with reference variety 'Visions' (right)

Click on image for larger view
Little Vision in Pink
Astilbe: 'Little Vision in Pink' (left) with reference variety 'Visions' (right)

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