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Canadian Food Inspection Agency

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment and economy.


Avian influenza detections

Get the latest update on current AI detections in Canada

Keep your pet safe

A domestic dog tested positive for avian influenza in Canada. Find out how to protect your pet.

Services and information

Recalls and safety alerts

Find recalls, advisories and safety alerts.

Travelling with pets, food or plants

Rules for travelling with a pet or bringing food or plants to Canada.

Importing food, plants or animals

Permits, notices, support and online services.

Exporting food, plants or animals

Licences, certificates, guidance, notices, and online services.

Food labels

Requirements, claims, understanding labels, legislative framework, food fraud, notices to industry and updates.

Food safety

Food licences

How to apply, timelines, licence registry.

Find permits, licences, and approvals

Search for what is required to import, export or conduct domestic activities with food, plants, or animals in Canada.

Inspection and enforcement

Guidance, investigations, enforcement action and data, compliance.

Plant health

Plant pests and invasive species, fertilizer, soil, grains and field crops, seeds, cannabis, forestry, and horticulture.

Animal health

Biosecurity, humane transport, animal welfare, disease and surveillance, feed, veterinary biologics.

Plant varieties

How to register, registered and cancelled varieties, Plant Breeders' Rights, plants with novel traits, potato varieties.

Preventive controls

Rules and best practices for people, property and processes.

Organic products

Standards, claims, sampling, testing, logos, labels.

Environment and sustainable development

Advancing sustainable development and climate action.

Corporate information


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