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Open science

Open science makes scientific information (including data, processes and publications) available to all, while respecting privacy, security, ethics and intellectual property protection.

In 2021, the CFIA launched its first Open Science Action Plan, a 5-year phased approach to how the CFIA will achieve the overall objectives of open science. The CFIA has also named a Chief Scientific Data Officer (CSDO) to lead its open science activities.

Open Science Action Plan 2021-2026


The CFIA Open Science Action Plan describes how the CFIA aims to achieve the goals of open science.

Canada's 2018-2020 National Action Plan on Open Government outlines 10 commitments to help make the Government of Canada more open and transparent. Open science is one of these commitments. The Open Science Action Plan is guided by the federal Roadmap for Open Science.

There are 4 directions the CFIA will use to promote open science:

  1. New ideas
  2. Exchanging knowledge
  3. Working with data
  4. Scientific publications

Each direction has its own priorities and actions to advance open science at the CFIA. Open science helps the CFIA share its scientific work with Canadians and makes the CFIA stronger as an agency.

Open science information and data

Access CFIA open science information and data found on Canada.ca, available to everyone for free.