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Conditions for importing meat products from Greenland

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1. Meat Inspection systems approved

1.1 Farmed reindeer: slaughter and cutting.

2. Types of meat products accepted for import (based on animal health restrictions)

2.1 Fresh farmed reindeer carcasses (chilled or frozen):

2.1.1 Farmed reindeer meat (frozen Carcasses (whole, halves or quarters only) for further processing in a registered processing establishment) - no animal health restrictions.

3. Additional certification statements/attestations required on the OMIC

The additional certification statements in this section are official statements which must be provided in both official languages, in the order of English first, followed by French.

3.1 None.

4. Additional certificates (documents) required

4.1 None.

5. Establishments eligible for export to Canada

5.1 Refer to the List of foreign countries establishments eligible to export meat products to Canada