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Export of Dogs and Cats to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is a chain of islands south of Newfoundland. It is a self-governing territorial overseas collectivity of France. Importation of animals in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon is strictly regulated. The requirements are as follows:

  • The animal must be 4 months or older.
  • The animal must be vaccinated for rabies and have proper certificates from a licensed veterinarian (If it's the animal's first vaccination, the animal must wait a month before travelling. If it's just the yearly rabies vaccination, the animal can travel right away).
  • The animal must have a visible tattoo or have a microchip implanted with the proper certification.
  • The animal must have a "good bill of health" certificate from a licensed veterinarian certifying that the animal is free from disease. The certificate should be issued a maximum of 4 days prior to travelling.

There is no CFIA certification requirement for export of pets to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.