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Export of dogs and cats to Taiwan

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All the requirements, forms, certificate and necessary information for exporting dogs and cats to Taiwan are available on Taiwan's  Competent Veterinary Authority website. If you would like to export a dog or cat from Canada to Taiwan you must comply with all of Taiwan's requirements for dogs and cats from countries considered infected with rabies. Please review all the information and obtain the necessary documentation to ensure that all requirements are met in advance of travel.

You must obtain an import permit from Taiwan's Competent Veterinary Authority prior to travelling. If a post-entry quarantine in Taiwan is required, arrangements will need to be made in advance.

Once the import permit has been obtained, the veterinary certificate for the export of dogs/cats from countries (zones) considered infected with rabies to Taiwan must be completed by a licensed veterinarian and then endorsed by a CFIA Official Veterinarian prior to travel.

Please note that Taiwan may change these import requirements without notification to the CFIA. As a result, it is strongly advised that exporters always first confirm the requirements with Taiwan's Competent Authority before travelling and review the export certificate against the import permit to ensure that all requirements are addressed.

If you have any questions about the information on this page, please contact the CFIA Animal Health Office in your area.