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Export of Dogs and Cats to French Polynesia

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To export a pet (dog or cat) from Canada to French Polynesia you must comply with all of the requirements outlined in the International Health Certificate for Dogs and Cats Export to French Polynesia – PDF (486 kb).

Review the certificate and ensure that all requirements are met in advance of travel. This includes:

  • A Rabies Neutralizing Antibody Titre Test. This test must be performed in an approved laboratory between 3 and 12 months prior to dispatch. A passing result is 0.5 International Units (IU) or more. The animal(s) should be vaccinated or revaccinated against rabies and the vaccination should be valid at least 6 months preceding the loading. Animals younger than three (3) months do not need to be vaccinated against rabies.
  • Two treatments against internal and external parasites. Within the 30 days prior to shipping, the animal(s) must undergo two treatments against internal and external parasites. The second treatment must be at least 14 days of interval from the first and within the 4 days prior to departure.
  • A full clinical examination by a CFIA official veterinarian at the airport at the time of loading for departure. Note that the cage must be sealed by an official seal. You are strongly advised to contact your CFIA District Office well in advance to make prior arrangements for inspection at the airport.
  • An ISO (International Organization for Standardization) microchip for export. For easy reference, the National Companion Animal Coalition's website lists companies that manufacture ISO-compatible microchips.

If you have any question about information on this page, please contact the CFIA District Office in your area.