Applying for Crown copyright clearance to use CFIA material

Complete this request if you would like to apply for Crown copyright clearance to use CFIA material. Please allow 14 business days for the completion of this request.

Additional information on applying for Crown copyright clearance

The Government of Canada uses Crown copyright to protect the integrity of material that government departments and agencies create.

At the CFIA, we have produced and compiled all material on this website to provide Canadians with information about the programs and services we offer. If you would like to use CFIA material in a work you are producing, you may need to get copyright clearance from us to do so, depending on why and how you want to use it.

When Crown copyright clearance is not required

Unless it is specified otherwise, you do not need clearance to simply reproduceFootnote 1 CFIA material – in part or in whole, or by any means – if you are using it for personal purposes,Footnote 2 for public non-commercial purposes,Footnote 3 or for cost-recovery purposes.Footnote 4

However, when you do reproduce CFIA materials without copyright clearance, you must ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • You must ensure that the material you reproduce is accurate
  • In your work, you must clearly indicate the complete title of the CFIA material you are reproducing, as well as the author (when available)
  • You must explain that the CFIA material you are reproducing is available on the CFIA website by providing a link
  • You must note that you are reproducing the CFIA material without affiliation with or endorsement from the Government of Canada

When Crown copyright clearance is required

There are 2 instances when you will need copyright clearance to use CFIA material:

  • You always need clearance if you are revising, adapting, or translating CFIA material, regardless of whether you are reproducing it for personal, public non-commercial, or cost-recovery purposes
  • You always need clearance when you are distributing CFIA material for commercial purposes

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