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Become a superhero! Download CFIA's new trading cards

Mireille Marcotte and Nishandan Yogasingam

Read along using this audio file.

Calling all superheroes! We need your help in the fight against our worst enemies.

Every day, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) protects food, animals and plants, which helps improve the health of Canada's people, environment and economy. But, we constantly need the help of brave superheroes, like you and your friends, to keep all Canadians safe.

Before you accept this science-led mission, it's important to meet the heroes already on the case. By learning about these superheroes, you'll begin to understand the powers needed to help keep you, our food and our vibrant eco-systems safe. Investigate these cards to meet some of our most heroic scientists at Team CFIA.

Once you accept this mission, find your own skills and join our team of heroes. Do you accept this challenge?

Learn about CFIA heroes

Captain Gina "Lean Queen of the Science Scene" Benedict of Team CFIA's Dartmouth Laboratory knows that "knowledge is power." As a Chemistry Analyst, her missions involve a strong understanding of scientific concepts and processes to battle CHAOS and help keep food safe.

But this work cannot be accomplished alone! All young Canadians play a key role in protecting our plants, animals and food supply – including you!

"Science is part of everyone's life. It's all around us," said Dr. Mireille Marcotte at Team CFIA's national headquarters. Whether it's discovering plant pests in your own city or keeping bad bugs from hitching a ride on your firewood, using science lets you save the day.

Meet the full team and uncover other powerful skills by downloading your very own pack of CFIA trading cards!

Become a superhero

After learning about our everyday heroes, use your current knowledge and skills to create your one-of-a-kind trading card. Be creative!

If you get stuck, try thinking about your current strengths, weaknesses and interests. When you're finished, compare with your friends.

Additional training for superheroes

As a superhero in training, it's also important to learn about the world around you by getting involved and asking questions. And there's no better time to start than Science Literacy Week – an annual nationwide celebration of science that highlights scientists and science communicators in Canada.

After you master your powers, level up by visiting Science Literacy's website for other science events that will help boost your skills and understanding. The more you know, the more prepared you'll be for any future mission. You should expect everything and anything since there's no typical day in health and safety!

Download Team CFIA's trading cards

Super squad (2020)

Dr. Aruna Ambagala
"Viral Super Thinker"

Janice Koziuk
"Influenza Investigator"

Janessa Emerson
"Seed Sherlock"

Jennifer Neudorf
"Seed Sleuth"

Dr. Kalhari Bandara
"Mammavian Protector"

Leanne Duncan
"Data Wizard"

Dr. Loren Matheson
"Action Ally"

Dr. Pierre Bilodeau

Dr. Yohannes Berhane
"Molecular Master"

Dynamic Duo: Lindsey Lamboo and Orlando Perez
"Sequencing Squad"

Team Mammavians
"Mammalian-Avian Ailment Prevention Force"

Mighty heroes (2019)

Printable version of trading cards in colour (PDF – 6.35 MB)

Allana Loder

Carol Tang

Erin Tangorra

Gina Benedict

Laura Lalonde

Mireille Marcotte

Nishandan Yogasingam

Vaughn Arthur

Matt Cowie

Guillaume Bilodeau


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