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Import declaration made easier

February 2018

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Canadian businesses are looking for the easiest import processes possible. That's why The Single Window Initiative was developed.

If you or your business imports regulated goods into Canada, the Single Window Initiative now offers an Integrated Import Declaration. This system provides:

The CFIA is excited to be part of this initiative led by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which offers the opportunity to migrate Import Declaration Services to a more modern and reliable platform.

Under this initiative, all required information can be submitted in one consolidated electronic package via the Integrated Import Declaration. This will also support the automated validation of electronic information.

In the future, the Single Window Initiative's Integrated Import Declaration will be the only electronic option for reporting all CFIA regulated imports.

Importers, customs brokers and software service providers should apply to use the Integrated Import Declaration today to take advantage of the new and simpler way to declare imports.

To apply, contact the CBSA's Technical Commercial Client Unit at:

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