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What's hiding in your furniture?

Wooden and decor objects can be home to insect eggs or larvae. Find out what surprising bugs some citizen scientists found in their homes and how they helped the CFIA to take action. (August 2020)


Episode 1 - Community science: more than a hobby

You don’t consider yourself a scientist? Think again. We all have a role to play in protecting the plants and trees in our gardens, parks and neighbourhoods. We spoke with Dr. Pierre Bilodeau about why it’s important to report unusual sightings to the CFIA, and how apps can help you make discoveries in your own backyard. (May 2021)

Your opinion matters

The CFIA is well acquainted with Canadians and businesses across the country as it reaches out for feedback on its services, regulations and role in food safety and plant and animal health. Here's how the information collected through public opinion research helps us serve you better. (May 2021)

The Canada-Senegal project: not your typical virtual classroom

The staggering rise in online learning has not only affected students around the world, but scientists too. Case in point: the COVID-19 pandemic sure didn't stop these CFIA experts from sharing much-needed plant health knowledge with colleagues 6,000 kilometres away. (April 2021)

Coming soon: Inspect and Protect

Welcome to the CFIA's official podcast all about food safety and plant and animal health. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode. (March 2021)

Riding the e-commerce wave: be aware of risks of some online purchases

Canadians have been making record-high e-commerce purchases since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before placing your next order, be aware of the risks and responsibilities that come with purchasing food, plant and animal products. (March 2021)

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