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What's in my firewood, and why should it matter?

Ah, a nice warm fire! Gathering around campfires in the summer or a hearth in the cold winter is classically Canadian. Firewood is plentiful and who doesn't like its cheery warm glow? (June 2019)


How to be a happy camper

Tent…check. Sleeping bag…check. S'mores…check! Across Canada, camping is a great way to connect with nature. Before you head out on your next adventure, check out these important tips to help protect yourself and the environment. (August 2021)

Get involved in Tree Check Month this August

Invasive pests are responsible for billions of dollars in damage to Canada's trees. Inspect, detect and connect with the CFIA this Tree Check Month to help identify potential invasive plant pests in your community. (August 2021)

What's hiding in your furniture?

Wooden and decor objects can be home to insect eggs or larvae. Find out what surprising bugs some citizen scientists found in their homes and how they helped the CFIA to take action. (July 2021)

Join the plant health movement

Plants are key to eating, breathing and living! Let’s do our part to keep them healthy and protect life all around us. (June 2021)

Raising the bar for plant health awareness in Canada and around the world

Plants give us 98% of the oxygen we breathe and 80% of the food we eat. As if that's not enough, they provide greenspaces for physical activity and connection with others to improve our moods and levels of serenity. Take a look at Canada's top 10 accomplishments in support of the International Year of Plant Health and beyond. (June 2021)

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