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Meet Olga Pena, CFIA science specialist

As we celebrate International Women's Day, a day to reflect on the progress made on gender equality, let's not forget the many inequalities that still exist for women and girls in science, especially those from under-represented groups. Here's my story. (March 2021)


International conference drives science forward in the post-pandemic era

The 2021 BSL4ZNet International Conference will bring together experts from around the world to learn from the challenges and experiences of the past year to help them navigate zoonotic pathogens in a post-pandemic era. Learn more about this CFIA-led network and the role of science diplomacy in protecting human and animal health. (September 2021)

On the frontlines: an inside look at meat inspection during COVID-19

Essential workers have continued to work on the frontlines throughout the pandemic. This includes CFIA inspectors who help ensure the production of safe food and support industry in exporting products around the world. Meat hygiene supervisor Ryan Morris shares his experience working on the frontlines in Alberta. (July 2021)

Episode 2 - I found a bug in my food!

Ever find something unexpected in your food... like bugs, plastic or glass? Listen to our conversation with food safety specialist Fred Jamieson as he shares his strangest finds, how these issues happen, and why it's important to report your concerns. (June 2021)

Women in Science: meet Victoria Arling and Annie Locas

Calling all students: do you love science? Are you wondering what to do with a science degree? Here’s how two CFIA experts got their careers started. (May 2021)

Episode 1 - Community science: more than a hobby

You don’t consider yourself a scientist? Think again. We all have a role to play in protecting the plants and trees in our gardens, parks and neighbourhoods. We spoke with Dr. Pierre Bilodeau about why it’s important to report unusual sightings to the CFIA, and how apps can help you make discoveries in your own backyard. (May 2021)

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