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Canada hosts COVID-19 international symposium

More than 1,000 scientists across the globe participated virtually in a CFIA-led symposium on COVID-19 with Canadian and international experts from academia, government and the private sector. (September 2020)


International conference drives science forward in the post-pandemic era

The 2021 BSL4ZNet International Conference will bring together experts from around the world to learn from the challenges and experiences of the past year to help them navigate zoonotic pathogens in a post-pandemic era. Learn more about this CFIA-led network and the role of science diplomacy in protecting human and animal health. (September 2021)

Episode 3 – How Canada is keeping its pigs safe: African swine fever

African swine fever, a deadly disease that impacts only pigs, is spreading rapidly across the globe. Luckily, it has never been detected in Canada. In this episode, we hear about the unprecedented efforts being made to prevent this fatal animal disease from entering the country and to protect our $24 billion pork industry. (August 2021)

Get involved in Tree Check Month this August

Invasive pests are responsible for billions of dollars in damage to Canada's trees. Inspect, detect and connect with the CFIA this Tree Check Month to help identify potential invasive plant pests in your community. (August 2021)

Join the plant health movement

Plants are key to eating, breathing and living! Let’s do our part to keep them healthy and protect life all around us. (June 2021)

Raising the bar for plant health awareness in Canada and around the world

Plants give us 98% of the oxygen we breathe and 80% of the food we eat. As if that's not enough, they provide greenspaces for physical activity and connection with others to improve our moods and levels of serenity. Take a look at Canada's top 10 accomplishments in support of the International Year of Plant Health and beyond. (June 2021)

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