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A new way of assessing risk

In a world of changing risks, innovation and new technologies, the CFIA knows we must adapt and be more efficient and responsive. (March 2019)


Episode 6 – Canada's Christmas tree industry is booming—fir real!

Famous for their fragrant aroma, Canada's Christmas trees are sold in the millions across the world. In this episode, we branch out into this booming industry through the lens of a veteran CFIA tree inspector in Nova Scotia. Malcom Pelley explains the care that farmers across the country put into growing, selling and exporting these soon-to-be festively illuminated trees. (December 2021)

Episode 5 – Working with the world's deadliest diseases

Brilliant minds studying the world’s most dangerous pathogens may seem like science fiction, but the scientists who protect us from bio-threats are very real. In this episode, we learn about a network that connects laboratories across the world to study deadly viruses like COVID-19, Ebola and Anthrax. What is it like to be one of these scientists working in Canada’s highest containment laboratory? (November 2021)

Protecting you from contaminated romaine lettuce

Every fall, produce such as romaine lettuce is grown and harvested in the United States then imported into Canada. The CFIA works with industry and international partners to help verify that it is safe to eat. (November 2021)

Charting a course for open science

Through its first-ever Open Science Action Plan, the CFIA is providing better access and transparency to its scientists' great work. Find out how open science makes the CFIA stronger and benefits all Canadians. (November 2021)

BioSAFE project uses genetic blueprints to study forest enemies

Canada is working hard to understand the genetic basis of invasive species and diseases so it can develop new tools to detect and combat these forest enemies. (November 2021)

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