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What are those white spots on your chocolate?

April 2021

What are those white spots on your chocolate

No matter the occasion, chocolate can be eaten year-round. But have you ever noticed that the colour of your chocolate has changed and wondered whether it is safe to eat?

Looks can be deceiving. Here are some chocolate-related natural occurrences you may not be aware of.

Chocolate bloom

The usual brown hues of chocolate can become discoloured with a hazy white coating. This coating is called "chocolate bloom" and appears naturally. Although it can make the product taste a bit different, it's not harmful.

There are 2 causes of chocolate bloom:

You can help prevent chocolate bloom by storing it in a cool, dry place.

Pine mouth

If your chocolate contains pine nuts, you might find yourself dealing with a rare case of pine mouth. Researchers have linked pine mouth to a specific type of pine nut known as Pinus Armandii.

Eating these pine nuts can sometimes lead to a lingering, metallic taste in the mouth that can last from a few days up to 2 weeks. While unpleasant, pine mouth is not an allergic reaction and does not put your health at risk.

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