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Putting honey to the test

Canadians love their honey—but like other foods, honey could be misrepresented. If sugars are added and not declared on the label, that is a form of food fraud. Here's how we test honey to make sure it's authentic. (March 2021)


What are those white spots on your chocolate?

Have you ever opened a chocolate treat that didn’t look quite right? Appearances can be deceiving. Here are some chocolate-related natural occurrences you may not be aware of. (September 2021)

How to be a happy camper

Tent…check. Sleeping bag…check. S'mores…check! Across Canada, camping is a great way to connect with nature. Before you head out on your next adventure, check out these important tips to help protect yourself and the environment. (August 2021)

On the frontlines: an inside look at meat inspection during COVID-19

Essential workers have continued to work on the frontlines throughout the pandemic. This includes CFIA inspectors who help ensure the production of safe food and support industry in exporting products around the world. Meat hygiene supervisor Ryan Morris shares his experience working on the frontlines in Alberta. (July 2021)

Episode 2 - I found a bug in my food!

Ever find something unexpected in your food... like bugs, plastic or glass? Listen to our conversation with food safety specialist Fred Jamieson as he shares his strangest finds, how these issues happen, and why it's important to report your concerns. (June 2021)

Staying safe with allergies: triple-check labels for food bought online

Here’s how the growing trend towards online grocery shopping is impacting Canadians living with food allergies, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. (May 2021)

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