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Detecting marine biotoxins – CFIA and university students working to make a difference

Learn how a visit to a CFIA lab helped a group of students from the University of British Columbia with their project to develop a toxin detector that could help safeguard Canadian shellfish. (October 2019)


Episode 2 - I found a bug in my food!

Ever find something unexpected in your food... like bugs, plastic or glass? Listen to our conversation with food safety specialist Fred Jamieson as he shares his strangest finds, how these issues happen, and why it's important to report your concerns. (June 2021)

Staying safe with allergies: triple-check labels for food bought online

Here’s how the growing trend towards online grocery shopping is impacting Canadians living with food allergies, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. (May 2021)

Women in Science: meet Victoria Arling and Annie Locas

Calling all students: do you love science? Are you wondering what to do with a science degree? Here’s how two CFIA experts got their careers started. (May 2021)

Your opinion matters

The CFIA is well acquainted with Canadians and businesses across the country as it reaches out for feedback on its services, regulations and role in food safety and plant and animal health. Here's how the information collected through public opinion research helps us serve you better. (May 2021)

What are those white spots on your chocolate?

Have you ever opened a chocolate treat that didn’t look quite right? Appearances can be deceiving. Here are some chocolate-related natural occurrences you may not be aware of. (April 2021)

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