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Consistent and efficient inspections

January 2019

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency inspector is standing beside a grocery shelf with a tablet in her hand.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recognizes a good regulatory system as one that is consistent and efficient. This is why it replaced 14 sets of existing regulations with one which streamlines food safety requirements across sectors. The Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) introduces consistent standards across the food industry in Canada, which helps to ensure food safety along the entire supply chain.

In order to ensure this legislation is applied nationally in a fair, consistent and predictable manner across industry, CFIA has made changes to its food inspection procedures. The implementation of a Standard Inspection Procedure, or SIP, has been implemented across food commodities.

SIP is a contemporary approach to inspections that represents a fundamental shift in our regulatory approach; with less emphasis on prescriptive-based requirements and more focus on safety outcomes. This means a stronger food safety system which enables industry to innovate and respond to emerging risks and developments. The Agency is making improvements in a number of areas to ensure regulated parties can be confident that inspections are being carried out consistently and efficiently.

Stakeholders and Canadians can be assured that as the Agency introduces new regulations, procedures and program changes, the inspectorate is well prepared to carry out their duties in a consistent and efficient manner.

To learn more about the SFCR, visit our tools, information and resources.

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