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Pass the Mic: Talking about Veterinarians

October 2019

You ask, we answer. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaspinder Komal, answers a question about how CFIA works and partners with veterinary organizations to protect animal health and welfare.

Talking about Veterinarians

Rosemund: How does the CFIA work and partner with veterinary organizations to inspect their ranches and farms for animal [bio]security?

Dr. Jaspinder Komal: Thank you. This is a great question. Veterinarians play an important role in protecting animal health and welfare, both on and off the farm in several ways.

Veterinarians employed by the provinces conduct activities on farms under provincial jurisdiction.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency vets are focused on activities related to the humane treatment of animals during transportation and slaughter.

However, CFIA also contracts with practicing veterinarians through the Accredited Veterinarian Program to carry out on-farm inspection and certification for activities such as export.

We have also partnered with producer associations to develop protocols that outline processes and procedures that farmers and ranchers can put in place to safeguard animal welfare and prevent the introduction or spread of diseases. Thank you.

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