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Dr. Patrick Burrage: Veterinarian

Patrick Burrage is a veterinarian, who recognizes the value of traceability in disease control and containment. He believes that traceability helps minimise damage to the industry during an outbreak and is essential to isolating animal health emergencies that could have a serious impact on the economy.

Dr. Patrick Burrage: Veterinarian – Transcript

(Fade up from black to a circular logo made up of various livestock images. Calm, upbeat music starts. Words appear over the logo.)

Text on screen: Livestock and Poultry Traceability in Canada

(The logo moves backwards, and a green background slides in. A line connects the logo to a circular video of a man by an outdoor pen with a cow. This video grows until it fills the screen.)

(Cut to Dr. Patrick Burrage speaking to the camera. Text appears on screen.)

Text on screen: Dr. Patrick Burrage

Patrick Burrage: As a veterinarian, the value of traceability is in disease control and containment.

Traceability minimises damage to the industry and the economy during an outbreak.

(Cut to a herd of cows walking.)

(Cut to a cow with a yellow ear tag looking at the camera.)

(Cut back to Patrick Burrage.)

Industry and government have come a long way, and we are continuing to work together as we move forward to implement a fully-functional, multi-species traceability system in Canada.

(Cut to a close-up of a cow indoors.)

Animal identification has been achieved for most livestock species.

(Cut to sheep eating from a trough.)

(Cut to a herd of bison in a field.)

(Cut back to Patrick Burrage.)

The next priorities are premise identification and movement recording, which will determine the farm of origin, where the animals moved, and who they talk to or co-mingle with along the way.

(Cut to baby chicks.)

(Cut to a sheep looking into the camera.)

(Cut to a herd of bison outside.)

(Cut to cows in a barn.)

(Cut to Patrick Burrage giving a cow an ear tag.)

This traceability information is essential to isolating animal health emergencies that could have a serious impact on the industry.

(Cut to a young cow walking out of a pen outside.)

(Cut to a herd of cows outside.)

(Cut back to Patrick Burrage.)

Moving forward, we will continue to investigate technology and tools that support the industry to meet regulations and enable efficient emergency management.

(Cut to cows walking in a field.)

(Cut back to Patrick Burrage.)

Our ultimate goal is to create a traceability system that is economically viable for all members of the value chain.

(Cut to farmers on horses herding cows.)

(Cut back to Patrick Burrage.)

By working together, Canada is on track to achieving a fully-functional livestock traceability system that will further enhance confidence in Canadian products, both nationally and internationally.

(Cut to Patrick Burrage outside with a cow.)

Text on screen: For more information visit:

(The text and music fade out.)

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