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Colleen Acres: Sheep producer

Colleen Acres is a sheep producer. She believes traceability helps producers like her easily and reliably track things like; genetics, feed, days to market, and yield. For Colleen, traceability increases efficiencies and facilitates veterinarian farm work, advancing the betterment of her stock.

Colleen Acres: Sheep producer – Transcript

(Fade up from black to a circular logo made up of sheep images. Calm, upbeat music starts. Words appear over the logo.)

Text on screen: Livestock and Poultry Traceability in Canada

(The logo moves backwards, and a green background slides in. A line connects the logo to a circular video of a woman in a barn. This video grows until it fills the screen.)

Voice of Colleen Acres: As a fifth generation sheep producer, my family has seen many changes to agriculture.

(Cut to Colleen Acres speaking to the camera in front of a sheep pen. Text appears.)

Text on screen: Colleen Acres

One of the changes that's had the biggest impact on the economic viability of our business has been traceability.

(Cut to Colleen Acres cleaning a sheep pen amidst many sheep.)

(Cut to a close-up of sheep eating.)

(Cut back to Colleen Acres.)

It allows us to easily and reliably track things like genetics, feed, days to market, and yield.

(Cut to a close up of a sheep's ear with a yellow tag.)

Traceability also creates labour-savings and facilitates our veterinarian farm work, both of which contribute to cost savings.

(Cut to Colleen Acres with a young sheep in her lap, putting a syringe away in a medical kit.)

(Cut to Colleen Acres putting a yellow ear tag on a young sheep.)

In raising purebred sheep, traceability increase efficiencies and adds significant value to our breeding stock.

(Cut to young sheep eating from a trough.)

(Cut back to Colleen Acres.)

I'm a believer in the use and advancement of traceability for the betterment of both my commercial and breeding stock.

(Cut to Colleen Acres walking past sheep pens.)

(Cut to a sheep staring at the camera.)

(Cut back to Colleen Acres.)

It just makes good business sense.

(Cut to Colleen Acres smiling and holding a young sheep.)

(Cut to a black screen with text.)

Text on screen: For more information visit:

(The text and music fade out.

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