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Import Procedure for Canadian Semen and Embryo Shipments That Are Returned to Canada

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October 28, 2010

For the standard procedure to be followed for the return of Canadian semen and embryos to Canada, please refer to Returns and Permit Application Process for Canadian Animals, Semen, Embryos, Animal Products, Animal By-Products, and Finished Pet Food Return and Permit Application Process (TAHD-DSAT-IE-2010-9-1), more specifically, section III: Return Application Process.

Conditions for return

1. The shipment was in transit; it did not reach the country of destination or other foreign soil.

2. The shipment was refused upon arrival and remained at a point of entry under official control of the importing country (agriculture, customs, or veterinary authority).

3. The shipment left a point of entry but was refused at a secondary point of entry or a receiving establishment. The shipment always remained under official control of a competent authority of the importing country.

Documentation for return

1. Include the original export certificate that accompanied the shipment when it left Canada, or a verified copy of that document.

2. For shipments that are being returned for reason number 2 or 3 under "Conditions for Return," present documentation from a Central Competent Authority (agriculture, customs, or veterinary) of the country of return that attests that the shipment did not leave government control at any time, that it did not enter domestic trade, and that it was not exposed to domestic products while in the country.

3. Ensure that the documentation required for return is recognizable as being issued by a Central Competent Authority. It must be signed and dated, and reference the shipment that is returning.

Disposition of goods after return

1. The contents of shipping containers with intact original seals will be permitted to return to the status they had in before export, once supporting documentation has been accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

2. The contents of shipping containers with original seals that were compromised are eligible to return to domestic distribution (in Canada only), unless a risk evaluation by the National Program Manager, Import/Export, Terrestrial Animal Health Division, permits otherwise.

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