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Infographic – Do you need a dog import permit

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Do You Need a
Dog Import Permit? Description follows.
Description of infographic – Do you need a dog import permit?

Do you need a dog import permit?

Know the difference between commercial and personal imports.

What is a personal import?

The import of a dog (regardless of age) that is personally owned by a Canadian resident as a pet; or as a service dog that is accompanied by the person to whom the dog is assigned.

What is a commercial import?

The import of a dog for sale, adoption, breeding, show, exhibition, scientific research, or animal welfare organizations.

Is this a personal or commercial import?


  • Is your dog younger than 8 months?
    • A permit is required.
      • May be imported on a temporary basis without an import permit ONLY IF proof is provided that the dog is registered in a competition, a show, or a trial organized by a recognized association and all of the other requirements are met.
  • Is your dog older than 8 months?
    • No permit is required for dogs 8 months or older.


  • No permit is required.

How to request a permit

  1. Start the process at least 30 days before the dog is imported.
  2. Download the import permit application: CFIA/ACIA 5860.
  3. Send your completed application to the CFIA's Centre of Administration for Permissions.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the CFIA Animal Health District Office in your province or the province where you will be importing the dog.

Did you know…

  • Dogs brought into Canada on behalf of an animal welfare organization are classified as commercial. Rescue dogs destined for adoption are also considered commercial for import purposes.
  • Service dogs not accompanied by the person to whom the dog has been assigned and dogs in special training status fall under commercial import.
  • Import permits cannot be issued after dogs have arrived in the country.
  • Dogs are not allowed to enter Canada if they look sick or have a disease that can spread to others.

Additional dog import requirements may apply (e.g. inspection fees, taxes, duties, microchip or tattoo, advance notice, rabies documentation, vaccinations etc.).

If you are importing or travelling with a dog, review the complete list of import requirements on the CFIA's website or the Automated Import Reference System before travelling.

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