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Fact sheet: Timeline of the humane transport regulations

A history of the changes to the transportation of animals requirements under the Health of Animals Regulations (HAR) Part XII.


1977: Transportation of animals requirements are introduced (also referred to as 'humane transport')

1992: Review of humane transport regulations started as a result of federal regulatory review

September 1993 - February 1995: Humane transport regulations review; published with recommendations in 1995

1997: Informal consultation on possible amendments to the humane transport regulations

2005: An amendment is made to add a non-ambulatory clause to HAR

2006-2009: Consultation on possible changes to the existing HAR

2013: Plans to amend HAR - Part XII are introduced in the CFIA's Forward Regulatory Plan

2013-2017: Consultations with multiple industry groups (for example, representatives of the beef, dairy, pork, poultry and egg industries; veterinarians; academia; transporters; auction market processors; provincial regulators; and animal advocacy organizations)

October - November 2013: First economic questionnaire to industry

August - September 2014: Second economic questionnaire to industry

May - June 2015: Industry is requested to validate the raw data CFIA derived from previous economic questionnaires, for use in cost-benefit analysis related reduce red tape

December 2016 - February 2017: Proposed amendments are published in Canada Gazette I (CGI), followed by a 75-day consultation and WTO notification

February 2017 - October 2018: CFIA examines over 51,000 submissions received from the CGI consultation. Multiple groups continue to present their concerns and positions

February 2019: Amendments are published in Canada Gazette II (CGII)

February 2020: Amendments come into effect

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