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Make sure your calf is fit for transport

Make sure your calf is fit for transport. Description follows.
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Make sure your calf is fit for transport

Check these 8 before you leave the gate

  • Ears up, alert
  • Correct ear tag
  • No scours
  • Standing, walking
  • Full tummy and good body condition
  • No signs of navel infection
  • Breathing well
  • Eyes bright

Note: Calves can remain without access to feed, water and rest for a maximum of 12 hours, during which any risk of nutritional deficit, dehydration or exhaustion must be prevented.

There can be a maximum of 12 hours between the beginning of their loading and the end of their unloading.

Calves 8 days of age or less can only be transported once and cannot go to an assembly centre.

For more information humane transport and animal welfare in Canada.

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