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Export of Dogs and Cats to the State of Hawaii, United States of America

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Hawaii is the only state in the United States of America (U.S.) that is rabies-free. All pets entering the State of Hawaii, even from the U.S. mainland, are subject to Hawaii's Rabies Quarantine Law. The requirements are available on the Animal Industry Division, State of Hawaii website.

As specified on the website, there are two rabies quarantine programs: 120-Days and 5-Day-Or-Less. Pets must meet all requirements of the "5-Day-Or-Less Program" to enter the State of Hawaii without extended quarantine; otherwise they will be quarantined for up to 120 days upon arrival in Hawaii.

The following entry requirements for dogs and cats must be met to qualify for 5-Day-Or-Less quarantine program:

  1. At least two rabies vaccinations administered more than 30 days apart are required. Following the most recent rabies vaccination, animals must wait at least 90 days before arrival in Hawaii.
  2. An electronic microchip readable with AVID scanner (AVID® or Home Again®) must be implanted prior to or when blood is collected for rabies serology (OIE-FAVN test).
  3. Make sure that your veterinarian lists "Hawaii" as the destination on the OIE-FAVN blood test submission form. The test results are automatically sent to your veterinarian and directly to Animal Quarantine, Hawaii. A passing result is 0.5 International Units (IU) or more. Note that the State of Hawaii only accepts blood test results from the Rabies Laboratory of Kansas State University (KSU) and DoD Food Analysis and Diagnostic Laboratory in the US.
  4. There is a mandatory waiting period of 120 days after passing the pre-arrival rabies blood test before the date of arrival in Hawaii. The OIE-FAVN test result is valid for 36 months from the day the blood was received at the laboratory.
  5. You must present the airport authorities with an original rabies vaccination certificate and a veterinary health certificate that has been issued within the last 14 days. Please use the Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Dogs and Cats to the State of Hawaii, United States of America - PDF (499 kb) available on the CFIA website. The health certificate should be completed by your veterinarian and brought to your local CFIA District Office for official endorsement. There is a fee for this service.
  6. Your pet must be treated for ticks with a product containing Fipronil or an equivalent long-acting product labeled to kill ticks (Revolution is not acceptable) within 14 days of arrival.
  7. The Rabies Quarantine Branch, Hawaii must receive all the required documents and payments as a set more than 10 days before your pet is scheduled to arrive in Hawaii.
  8. Note that the Direct Airport Release is only done at the Honolulu International Airport; so you must arrange for your pet to arrive at the Honolulu International Airport during normal inspection hours between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please visit the Animal Industry Division, State of Hawaii website for more details on the rabies quarantine programs, pre-arrival requirements, quarantine station location and contacts, procedures, policies, rules, time constraints and fees for importing dogs and cats into Hawaii. Please read the information carefully to ensure that all the required steps have been followed to allow for your pet's successful and safe entry into the State of Hawaii.

Please note that the State of Hawaii may change these requirements without notification to the CFIA. As a result, it is strongly advised to review the Animal Industry Division, State of Hawaii website to ensure that all requirements are addressed.

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