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Non-Commercial Movement of Dogs, Cats and Ferrets to the European Union - Checklist

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The objective of this document is to help ensure that you have the required document and follow the appropriate steps to qualify your pet for movement to the EU.
Check Qualifying step

Verification that the movement qualifies as non-commercial:

  1. The movement of the animal(s) is linked to the movement of the owner: Yes Box No Box
  2. The movement of the animal(s) will happen within the five days before or the five days after the movement of the owner: Yes Box No Box
  3. The animal(s) is intended to remain in the owner's possession (meaning that it is not intended to be sold or transferred to another owner): Yes Box No Box
  4. The number of dogs, cats and ferrets is five(5) or less: Yes Box No Box


  5. The number of dogs, cats and ferrets exceeds five (5) and the movement is for the purpose of participating in competitions, exhibitions or sporting events or in training for such events AND you have written evidence that the pet animals are registered to attend such an event AND the pet animals are more than six (6) months old: Yes Box No Box

If you have answered no to a, b or c, or to both statements d and e, the movement of your animal(s) does not qualify as non-commercial. The commercial certificate is needed.

The non-commercial certificate has been obtained from the CFIA Website and is bilingual. One of the two languages must be English. The second language must be the language used at the first point of entry in the EU. If English is the language used at the first point of entry, please use the English only certificate.
An appointment has been made with the local CFIA Office for certificate endorsement.
The Licensed Veterinarian has completed the certificate and signed in blue ink in the Authorized Veterinarian signature box.
The Licensed Veterinarian signed the certificate within 10 days of the entry of the animal into the EU, or in the case of a dog entering Malta, Finland, the United Kingdom or Ireland, within 5 days (and in that case, the echinococcus treatment was done).
You have completed the owner's declaration (Part III of the certificate).

You have the following documents in your possession and will bring them to your appointment with CFIA:

Box Original or certified copy of the current rabies certificate.

Box Original or certified copy of the previous rabies certificate if the last vaccination was performed within the last 21 days.

Box Documentary evidence (boarding pass, flight ticket, airline itinerary) showing that the movement of your animal(s) is within 5 days of your own travel to the EU.

Box If applicable, the additional declaration (obtained from the CFIA Office) required if the animals are less than 12 weeks old and not vaccinated or between 12 and 16 weeks old and the 21 days post-vaccination has not lapsed.

Box Payment of $20 for endorsement of the certificate

The certificate has been endorsed by CFIA and the animal is ready to depart. Safe travels!
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