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Procedures and Requirements for Horses Imported into Canada from Countries with Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD)

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The following additional procedures apply to horses being imported into Canada from countries with FMD. All existing import requirements for horses from those countries must also be met.These requirements can be found on our website:

Please note that these additional measures are not required for horses that enter Canada via the US because the US is employing similar measures for all horses imported from countries with FMD.

The following activities must be performed under CFIA supervision.

Approved disinfectants include:

Virkon© (powder) is an oxidising agent and an excellent disinfectant active against all virus families. The recommended dilution rate is 20g/litre, with a contact time of 10 minutes.

Citric acid (powder) is an acid based disinfectant that is safe for clothes and body decontamination. Especially useful for FMD virus decontamination. The recommended dilution rate is 2g/litre, with a contact time of 30 minutes.

Diluted vinegar can also be used (a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water).

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