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Import restrictions for live horses from the United States - CEM

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In 2009, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) implemented requirements for certifying live horses from the United States (U.S). in response to an outbreak of contagious equine metritis (CEM) in the U.S.

NOTE: For the purpose of clarity in this document only horses are mentioned. However, the following conditions apply to all equines including: horses, mules and zebras.

Live Horses (including Canadian horses returning to Canada, but excluding horses for immediate slaughter)

Import permit: Not required (except for certain categories of horses in which additional requirements are in place in response to other disease outbreaks).
United States Veterinary Health Certificate: Required

The following certification is required on all U.S. export certificates and for Canadian horses exported to the U.S. and returning on a Canadian health certificate: issued after January 19, 2009:


NOTE: For Canadian horses returning to Canada on a Canadian health certificate, the CFIA endorsing office will provide a supplemental certification document with the above-mentioned requirements. It will do so when advised of the intended return date. The supplemental certification will need to be attached to the Canadian health certificate and endorsed by the United States Department of Agriculture before return of the horse(s) to Canada.

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