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Specified Risk Material - Disposal of SRM on Non-Contiguous Premises

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The Health of Animals Regulations allow for small abattoirs and cattle producers to dispose of SRM on the premises where the animals are slaughtered or found dead without the need for a CFIA permit. Some of the small abattoirs, however, do not have sufficient, available land for disposal of SRM and want to be allowed to move SRM waste off their premises to another disposal site (exclusive to, and owned by them).

The CFIA has defined "site" as being contiguous properties whether or not there is a public access or right of way which traverses the properties. Therefore, this definition would exclude properties located several kilometres away.

However, the farmer/small abattoir operator may obtain an annual CFIA permit to transport SRM to this non-contiguous site. This permit would allow the CFIA to track the records of the weights and final disposal site information of the SRM. In addition, the receiving site would require an annual permit to receive the SRM and would be required to meet defined minimal requirements as outlined on the permit.

The CFIA will evaluate permit applications for non-contiguous sites on a case-by-case basis. After receiving such an application and performing an on-site inspection, the Area/Regional Animal Health Program Specialists will forward their recommendation to a senior staff veterinarian at national HQ. For consistency purposes, Area Specialists may be consulted in assessing the application prior to the final decision taken by the senior staff veterinarian at national HQ.

A farmer or small abattoir operator may be permitted to dispose (burial) of SRM on a non-contiguous piece of land under the following minimal conditions:

  1. The total number of over thirty month (OTM) cattle slaughtered and found dead is low (ie approximately seven (7) head a week). The maximum number will be based on an assessment of the animal health risk;
  2. Transportation of SRM from the farm/abattoir is conducted under an annual CFIA transport permit, and
  3. Reception of SRM at the non-contiguous site is conducted with an annual CFIA receiving permit.
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