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The path to resuming operations after highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)

HPAI is suspected

CFIA staff come to your farm to investigate. If HPAI is suspected, a quarantine is placed on your farm.

Investigation and testing

CFIA staff ask for information and answer your questions. Samples are taken from your flock and sent for testing. Any premises considered to be in significant contact with yours, such as a farm you sent birds to or shared equipment with, is also put under quarantine. If your birds are confirmed not to have HPAI, the quarantine is lifted.

Depopulation and disposal

If HPAI is confirmed, all birds on your farm are humanely depopulated and disposed of. Eggs and other poultry products are also destroyed and properly disposed of, along with litter, manure, feathers and other materials that could spread the disease. CFIA staff will talk to you about compensation that may be available.

Cleaning and disinfecting

You are responsible for cleaning and disinfecting any structures or equipment on your premises. (The CFIA will give you the necessary information.)

Final inspection and approval

Once cleaning and disinfecting are completed, CFIA staff evaluate your farm and determine when the quarantine can be lifted (minimum 14 days later, typically 21 days).


After final CFIA approval of your cleaning and disinfection, you have two options:

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