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Moving flocks and poultry products through control zones

To help prevent the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Canada, there are movement restrictions into, out of, within or through a primary control zone.

Restrictions by other countries vary based off control zones. See the consolidated list of restrictions imposed by foreign countries.

Services and information

Map: Highly pathogenic avian influenza zones

Find out if your area is impacted or near an infected zone touched by the latest bird flu.

Permits and conditions needed for movement control

What is needed for the transportation of birds and by-products in a primary control zone.

Surveillance activities in a primary control zone

What to expect from provincial and territorial governments, livestock and poultry industries as they conduct surveillance.

Path to revoking a primary control zone

A process outlining steps to revoke a primary control zone (infected premises, infected zones).

Notice to industry: Flock placement in infected zones

We are working to eliminate the disease as quickly as possible in order to resume normal business activities and trade.

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