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Highly pathogenic avian influenza zones

To prevent the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has established primary control zones in the areas where the disease has been identified.

Are you located in a primary control zone? Enter a place name, postal code or street address in the bar at the top left hand corner of the map below. To zoom in to your location on the map, click on the crosshair icon.

Last updated: 2022-05-18


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Avian influenza primary control zones
Primary control zone (PCZ) Table Note a
PCZ-01 - Ontario
PCZ-02 - Ontario
PCZ-03 - Ontario
PCZ-04 - Ontario
PCZ-05 - Ontario
PCZ-06 - Ontario
PCZ-07 - Ontario
PCZ-08 - Ontario
PCZ-09 - Ontario
PCZ-10 - Ontario
PCZ-11 - Alberta
PCZ-12 - Ontario
PCZ-13 - Alberta
PCZ-14 - Alberta
PCZ-15 - Alberta
PCZ-16 - Alberta
PCZ-17 - Alberta
PCZ-18 - Quebec
PCZ-19 - Alberta
PCZ-20 - Alberta
PCZ-21 - Quebec
PCZ-22 - Ontario and Quebec
PCZ-23 - Quebec
PCZ-24 - British Columbia
PCZ-25 - Alberta
PCZ-26 - Alberta
PCZ-27 - Alberta
PCZ-28 - Quebec
PCZ-29 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-30A - Saskatchewan
PCZ-31 - Alberta
PCZ-32 - Quebec
PCZ-33 - Ontario
PCZ-34 - Alberta
PCZ-35 - Manitoba
PCZ-36 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-37 - Alberta
PCZ-39 - Alberta
PCZ-40 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-41 - Ontario
PCZ-42 - New Brunswick
PCZ-43 - Alberta
PCZ-44 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-45 - Ontario
PCZ-46 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-47 - British Columbia
PCZ-48 - Alberta
PCZ-49 - Alberta
PCZ-50 - Alberta
PCZ-51 - Ontario
PCZ-52 - Ontario
PCZ-53 - Quebec
PCZ-54 - British Columbia
PCZ-55 - Ontario
PCZ-56 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-57 - British Columbia
PCZ-58 - Ontario
PCZ-59 - Alberta
PCZ-60 - British Columbia
PCZ-61 - Alberta
PCZ-62 - Saskatchewan
PCZ-63 - Saskatchewan
Avian influenza Infected Zones (IZ) within Primary Control Zones (PCZ)
Infected zone Table Note b Associated infected premises (IP)
PCZ-01 - Ontario ON-IP01, ON-IP03
PCZ-04 - Ontario ON-IP05
PCZ-06 - Ontario, PCZ-09 - Ontario ON-IP08, ON-IP11, ON-IP14, ON-IP15
PCZ-10 - Ontario ON-IP07, ON-IP12
PCZ-12 - Ontario ON-IP13
PCZ-15 - Alberta AB-IP04
PCZ-18 - Quebec QC-IP01
PCZ-19 - Alberta AB-IP07
PCZ-20 - Alberta AB-IP08
PCZ-22 - Ontario and Quebec ON-IP16
PCZ-23 - Quebec QC-IP03
PCZ-25 - Alberta AB-IP09
PCZ-27 - Alberta AB-IP11
PCZ-28 - Quebec QC-IP04
PCZ-30A - Saskatchewan SK-IP02
PCZ-31 - Alberta AB-IP12
PCZ-32 - Quebec QC-IP05
PCZ-33 - Ontario ON-IP17
PCZ-34 - Alberta AB-IP13
PCZ-35 - Manitoba MB-IP01
PCZ-36 - Saskatchewan SK-IP04
PCZ-37 - Alberta AB-IP14
PCZ-39 - Alberta AB-IP17
PCZ-40 - Saskatchewan SK-IP05
PCZ-42 - New Brunswick NB-IP01
PCZ-43 - Alberta AB-IP18
PCZ-44 - Saskatchewan SK-IP06
PCZ-45 - Ontario ON-IP20, ON-IP25
PCZ-47 - British Columbia BC-IP03
PCZ-48 - Alberta AB-IP21
PCZ-49 - Alberta AB-IP22
PCZ-50 - Alberta AB-IP23
PCZ-53 - Quebec QC-IP06
PCZ-54 - British Columbia BC-IP04
PCZ-55 - Ontario ON-IP23
PCZ-56 - Saskatchewan SK-IP08
PCZ-57 - British Columbia BC-IP06
PCZ-58 - Ontario ON-IP24
PCZ-59 - Alberta AB-IP24
PCZ-60 - British Columbia BC-IP08
PCZ-61 - Alberta AB-IP26
PCZ-62 - Saskatchewan SK-IP10
PCZ-63 - Saskatchewan SK-IP12
Avian influenza revoked primary control zones
Revoked primary control zones Revoked date
PCZ-38 - Ontario May 13, 2022
Date modified: