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1. About This Document

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1.1 Context

This document replaces the previous Notifiable Avian Influenza Hazard Specific Plan (NAIHSP) dated 2007.

This plan is not a stand-alone document, but part of an overall management plan that is used by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to respond to an incursion of any animal disease requiring an emergency response in Canada.

1.2 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to ensure a consistent response by the CFIA, when there is suspicion of a developing outbreak of notifiable avian influenza (NAI) or when an outbreak occurs.

1.3 Audience

The NAIHSP is intended to provide CFIA Animal Health emergency responders with NAI-specific information necessary for the control and eradication of the disease when an outbreak occurs.

1.4 Authority

This policy is under the authority of the Health of Animals Act.

1.5 Related Documents

The following documents provide information on emergency response organization and procedures related to the NAIHSP:

  1. CFIA Emergency Response Plan
  2. CFIA Animal Health Functional Plan (AHFP)
  3. National Avian Influenza (AI) Network Laboratory Operating Policy and Procedures for Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network Laboratories
  4. Common Procedures Manual
  5. CFIA Area Response Plans and agreements with provincial and industry stakeholders that provide emergency support for foreign animal disease (FAD) eradication (i.e. Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Support [FADES] Plans).

1.6 Amendments and Revisions

The Notifiable Avian Influenza Hazard Specific Plan is to be reviewed every second year by the CFIA.

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