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Chapter 1 - Overview
1.2 Accreditation Agreement

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The Accredited Veterinarian Agreement (CFIA/ACIA 1625) is a legal instrument authorizing licenced private veterinarians to perform duties such as completion of international health certification under the authority of Health of Animals Regulations. Veterinarians wishing to perform duties under the CFIA's National Accredited Veterinarian Program must enter into an agreement with the CFIA. There is an additional legal authority separately required. This module describes the process of obtaining accreditation, the scope of an agreement, renewal and termination of an agreement, and the separate legal authority.

How to obtain accreditation


1. Veterinarians must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the place where they will perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian, and in the case of the Yukon be authorized in accordance with Government of the Yukon policy and practices.

2. Veterinarians must either attend a "Pre-accreditation Orientation and Training Session" for accredited veterinarians or have successfully completed an approved Regulatory Medicine Undergraduate Certification Program at a Canadian veterinary college.

3. Veterinarians must possess the knowledge and skills required to fully perform all duties and functions of an accredited veterinarian in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the agreement.

4. The veterinarian's conduct and performance must not compromise, or otherwise impair, the ability to perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian. Any improper or illegal activity, action, or inaction on the part of the individual that is deemed to compromise one's ability to perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian, or that conflicts with the intent or objectives of the National Animal Health Program, will render the individual ineligible to be authorized to perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian.

Application and authorization

5. Veterinarians seeking to become accredited should contact the CFIA district veterinarian responsible for the geographic area in which the veterinary practice is located.

6. The district veterinarian will review the terms and conditions of accreditation with the individual, outline the role and responsibilities of accreditation, and complete an Accredited Veterinarian Agreement (CFIA/ACIA 1625) with the veterinarian. The agreement is not valid until authorized.

7. The completed CFIA/ACIA 1625 is reviewed and individuals are authorized to perform duties and functions identified on the completed form only after it is signed by the Area Animal Health Program Manager.

The Agreement

Modifications to scope of agreement

8. The activities that an accredited veterinarian is authorized to perform are limited to the specified province or territory and to the duties identified on the agreement. Veterinarians seeking expanded authorization to perform duties in additional provinces in which they are licenced, or veterinarians wishing to perform additional duties at the current location, will require authorization of a new agreement. The first step is contact with the district veterinarian and completion of the CFIA/ACIA 1625. In the case of new duties, the district veterinarian will provide training on performance of the new duty before forwarding the application for authorization.

Renewal of the Agreement

9. The expiry date for an Accredited Veterinarian Agreement is displayed in the "Authorization" section of the agreement. It is the responsibility of the veterinary practitioner to reapply in advance of the expiry of an agreement by contacting and meeting with the district veterinarian. The district veterinarian will evaluate the work performance of the accredited veterinarian and complete the form CFIA/ACIA 1625 with the accredited veterinarian seeking re-accreditation. Veterinarians whose agreements have lapsed must receive confirmation of authorization of a replacement agreement to continue performing accredited duties beyond the expiry date of existing agreement. Veterinarians, who have allowed their agreements to lapse, will have their names removed from the list of authorized accredited veterinarians. Nevertheless these veterinarians may reapply for accreditation within 18 months without being required to attend the training and orientation course.

Termination of the Agreement

10. An accredited veterinarian may terminate the agreement before expiry by forwarding a notice in writing to the responsible district veterinarian. The CFIA may terminate an agreement when the individual ceases to be a licenced veterinary practitioner or when there is evidence of failure by an individual to meet the terms and conditions of the Accredited Veterinarian Agreement.

11. If there is evidence that an accredited veterinarian failed to meet the terms and conditions of the agreement or predecessor agreements, the CFIA may without notice suspend the authorization of that individual as an accredited veterinarian. When authorization is suspended, a notice of suspension will be issued in writing to the veterinarian stating:

  1. the grounds for suspension;
  2. that it is proposed that the veterinarian's accreditation and agreement (CFIA/ACIA 1625) be cancelled;
  3. that the veterinarian will have an opportunity to be heard in respect of the proposed cancellation;
  4. the proposed date of the hearing or other such date, within a limited period of time, that the veterinarian advises is suitable;
  5. that the veterinarian may attend the hearing in person, with or without counsel or other representation; and
  6. the notice shall be communicated by personal delivery to the veterinarian.

12. An accredited veterinarian's authority to perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian and the accreditation agreement will not be cancelled unless:

  1. the accredited veterinarian was advised of the opportunity to be heard in respect of the cancellation and was given that opportunity; and,
  2. a notice of cancellation of accreditation and the accredited veterinarian's agreement was delivered to the veterinarian.

13. The Minister's decision with respect to the suspension or cancellation of accreditation is final.

14. When an accredited veterinarian's authority to perform duties and functions as an accredited veterinarian have been cancelled, the CFIA may disclose and release information in respect of the cancellation to the responsible veterinary licensing body. The information shall include and not be limited to the reason for the cancellation.

Additional legal authority

15. Accredited veterinarians and technicians employed by accredited veterinarians require specific authorization and designation as inspectors under the CFIA Act to apply seals to conveyances in respect to the export of cattle, bison, sheep and/or goats to the U.S. Apply for designation at a CFIA district office.

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